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clarify. >> maybe we can talk to germany for a moment but i believe the proposal at the planning commission was background looking and after the planning commission meeting supervisor avalos proposed this language it was only intended to playing apply for evictions after 2013 because the particular reason department is looking at the language and reading it differently i want to make sure we get it right. >> so so that's evictions that
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happened after october 24th, 2013, and in 10 years. >> right. >> so evictions before october 24th wouldn't trigger it a that's good to i'm glad we'll have a good two weeks continuance to get clarification on that. and where did the october 24th date come from >> that's the planning commission recommended those edition it would create a window for landlord to rush through an evocation in the meeting time when it was flooded and next day. >> then in terms of what kinds of evocation that are covered by this. didn't i saw there may have been some changes it refers to the
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code section unless you have the code handy can you tell me news it >> we borrowed it from the code conversion law. there were a couple of changes that's in the financial version what was added was covering evictions for lead abatement and substantial rehabilitation for if the original tenant isn't offered the chance to reoccupy the unit and the third one in the occupant is sold within the comedy conversion but if there, there is a condo conversion within the latter a law >> so for the lead abatement
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then the tenant are able to reoccupy after the temporary displacement it wouldn't trigger this. >> that's right. >> and what someone mentioned to me they thought the good samaritan was included in that. >> i don't know. >> i think when we passed the good samaritan language it's a one to two year lease it then exteriors and someone mentioned they thought that one of the code sections modestly motive be a go samaritan. >> i see that as 39.89 a it talks about the good samaritan
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status only covers items 7 through 13. >> thank you. colleagues, any additional questions. okay. thank you mr. pollack. i think would the planning department liquor to speak or wait? >> thank you, supervisor i think we'd like to wait to see the revised information before we make a presentation. >> also logically for the amendments that are being asked to adapt today mr. pollack do you anticipate so far as you know the final amendments before there. >> yes. there's been discussion about the substantial amendments but the criteria
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we'll look at the the duplication of the legislation but we'll looked that next year, we want to have this before the recess. >> so the documents physically before us we're asking to be adapted today that's what we're dealing with in two yearbooks. >> that's right. >> this is very complicated i know that supervisor avalos has asked for a committee report. i want to make sure this is something as significant as this we're not scrambling >> yes. we'll be dpord with the committee report. >> supervisor kim. >> i want to make a motion to adapt the amendment. i think we should be take public comment first. any public comment on items 6 or 7 seeing none, public comment is closed >> supervisor kim has made a
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motion to accept the amendments. the amendments are accepted. can i have a motion to continue items of and 7 as amended for two weeks until our next san francisco land use & economic development commission meeting. that motion without objection. madam clerk, is there any other business >> there's no additional business before the committee. >> we're adjourned.
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. >> good morning everyone. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee meeting for november 20, 2013. i am supervisor farrell and i will be chairing this committee and joined by supervisor avalos and we will joined by eric mar and i want to thank sfgtv and as well as the clerk of the committee linda wong -- sorry, madam clerk do we have any announcements. >> yes mr. chair. please silence all cell phones and complete speaker cards and documents to be part of the file should be submitted to the clerk and will be on the november 26 agenda unless otherwise stated. >> great. can you call items
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one and two together. >> item one is sale of general obligation bonds - general hospital improvement not to exceed approximately $210 million and item two is appropriation - general hospital improvement general obligation bonds fy 2013-2014 authorizing the issuance of these bonds and earthquake safety for the hospital and trauma center for fiscal year 2013-2014. >> okay. thank you very much. do you want to speak first on the item. >> good morning i budget and finance committee. the item before you is a resolution to authorize the sale and issuance of city and county of san francisco general obligation bonds and amount not to exceed $209,955,000 and the supplemental proceeds the same
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proceeds to finance the cost of the general hospital project. i will give a introduction to the financing and talk about the bonds and there are representatives from sfgh and dpw available to answer project specific questions. so in 2008 the voters approved proposition a and not to exceed the amount of the general hospital rebuild and of that amount some funds have been issued and leaving $209,955,000 unauthorized and unissued. this is the fourth sale of bonds of proposition a for the hospital rebuild and contribute 207 million to project costs and additional $1.9 million for cost related to the issuance of this discount and citizens general obligation bonds oversight committee. sebt service on the bonds if
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approved is approximately $18 million a year over the 20 year life and $151 million in interest payments and three 61 principle and interest over the years. the three has two constraints on the issuance of these bonds. the first is the charter limitation of amount owed at any given time and 3% of assessed evaluation. if approved by the board that limitation will still be maintained and the bonds will cause that rate to increase by 0.1 2% to 1.2 two and the other constraint is the property tax rate for the capital planning committee -- if approved that rate will remain within the constraint of the 2006 property tax levels, and is included in the fiscal year 14 tax rate for geo bonds and finally the
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resolution approved finance documents willing the official notice of sale and notice of intention to sale that announces -- provides legal notice of time and date of the sale and the issue nsance and approves the statement that provides investors with information concerning the bonds themselves and risks and securities and financials for the city and we intend to include the audit when it's available for investors [inaudible] that provides that notice to the investors as it occurs. i am happy to answer questions and we have other representatives here also. >> thank you. dpw do you have anything to present on this item or anything to add? if you don't that's okay too. we don't have questions at this point. mr. rose, can we go to the
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budget analyst report please. >> yes mr. chairman, supervisor avalos on page six of the report we report that she has advised that the not to exceed amount of $209,955,000 are project to have annual interest rate of 6% over 20 result in the debt payments of this and 210 million in principle and the rest in interest and the annual estimated debt service payments listed also. on the bottom of page six we report with a single family residence and assuming a homeowners exemption of $7,000 the average annual additional property tax is payable to the city would be $52.61 per year.
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if the board authorizes the $209,955,000 in the series 13 bonds to be sold. however, according her any increases to the property tax rate due to the sale of the bonds is off set by decreases to the tax rate due to the retirement of other general obligation bonds. we recommend that you approve both the proposed resolution. as well as the ordinance listed. i am happy to respond to any questions. >> thank you mr. rose. colleagues, about questions. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. it's a question not necessarily for mr. rose but like we have done on occasion with the water system improvement program it would be good to get a status update of the hospital rebuild project and i can introduce a hearing for that just to see where we're at in terms of that project and
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how we're meeting all of our time line and financing goals or maybe you can provide a short summary now. >> good morning. i'm with the department of public works. i am happy to give you an update on where the project is right now what we have accomplished to date, so it's been a busy five years since the prop a was approved in 2008. i have maybe a few slides i can give you. i have it set up. so if you look on the screen there's a couple of milestones that we have accomplished to date. we have been able in 2009 complete the phase one site utility successfully as well as finish all of the structural work and the construction of the mat foundation, the isolation system for the building as well as the entire structural framing as well as the currently in progress we are working on the
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skin of the building basically trying to enclose the building which is working in conjunction with the building itself built out so what we call in the increment four interior build out and essentially makes the building functionally so we have been doing for the last five years getting the structure standing. there are photos of what the hospital currently looks like. on the outside it looks completed but in the interior we have a lot of work to do and that's our object objective for the next two years to get through this completion in may of 2015 is to finish the interior build out which is the mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems as well as finishing the skin of the building and making it functional. i am happy to answer any other questions. >> and in terms of meeting our
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goals around maintaining costs how are we doing in that regard? >> based on the current cost trends in the schedule we are on schedule with our substantial completion date of may 2015, so we are tracking under -- the entire bond which is 887.4 million and we will be under that amount at this time. >> what is the contingency on the overall project ? >> overall roughly $30 million for the entire program. >> and do we expect to be dipping into that or how is that looking at this point? >> yes. i don't have the exact numbers but over all we believe we will be under that amount. >> and when we have a completion date, may, 2015, is that ready
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to actually start taking in patients or do we actually have to having that -- you know, furniture and fixtures? when do we expect that all to be completed and have it operational? >> so after the substantial completion date that is shed by the authority having jurisdiction for the project and the next eight months because they're licensing from the state of california so a lot of that is ff and e as well as the transitional planning and implementation that's primarily through the ssgh facilities and making that happen and i think -- yeah, so if there are any other questions -- >> in terms of date for the hospital being fully operational? i am sure we have a schedule for that. can you say what that is? >>i will defer that to terry.
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>> thank you. >>i am terry [inaudible] with the department of public health, program manager for the hospital. the transition plan is happening right now we have engaged with a contractor. we're walking through the paces. we have a targeted date of early december early 2015 to move in. i think the official date was december 2015 and a one day move of the entire hospital on december 28 so we're trying to bring it back to early december sore either the first or second week in december. we're trying to find the sweet spot between thanksgiving and christmas that are that but those endeavors are happening right now and they are meeting with a subcommittee and report to a steering committee and review the tasks and critical timelines for each committee and that is managed at this time. we have a two year track on that. >> great. thank you. >> any further questions?
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okay. thank you very much. if nothing else we will move to public comment. anyone wish to comment on items one or two? two minutes. >> good morning supervisors. i am douglas yep and i did survive working 20 years at san francisco general hospital. i would like to first thank supervisor avalos for past questioning. i think they're relevant questions that we need to put on the record and obviously we will see what happens when it's officially opened, and also i would like to note for the record whether the new general hospital would include any facilities for the dialysis unit which had recent hearing here at city hall? i think that needs to be put on the record and we will see how that turns out. now, let's put
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it this way. i am looking at the agenda -- i notice there is only one sponsor. if i was going to nearly spend $210 million the main question is do i trust the sponsor? it's pretty obvious a certain person trust the sponsor and we saw what happened to him, and then one of his best friends is about to lose one of her crown jewels, and i'm asking do you trust the sponsor? and for the record i don't see any supervisor listed as a sponsor for either items one or two. if it was such a good deal i should at least see one name and seeing no names i have a feeling it's not that good of a deal, so to summarize san francisco general hospital needs a new hospital, but let's put it this way. no matter how good the facilities it's always
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comes down to how well it's used and without a proper audit of general hospital, without a proper audit of the department of public health, there's always going to be instances like the current fiasco at general hospital. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public wish to comment on these items? seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues we have a recommendation from the budget analyst to approve the items. can i have a motion to move it forward without opposition. madam clerk can you call item three. >> item three is an ordinance authorizing the office of workforce development to accept a grant for $500,000 for the first source hiring program. >> okay. thank you. i believe we have oewd here to speak on this item.
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>> thank you supervisor. >> thanks for being here. >> so as of july 1 of 2013 oewd took over the responsibilities for work force -- work force component associated with mission bay including both job placement as well as compliance. part of the terms that were in place starting back in 1998 that there were financial -- there were resources coming from the development group in three installments. there is the first of those installments. triggered for each million square feet of commercial of leesable space in mission bay, so apparently at the time we were unaware of these resources but we did find out shortly afth

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